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"First in Synthetics" since 1972!
High Fuel Costs Have
People Turning to AMSOIL!
Welcome to Cruzin Oil, an authorized independent T-1 Certified Amsoil
Dealer offering  the  complete  line  of  Amsoil  products for  all  your lubrication
needs. In the
10th year of our dealership with customers from the 'do-it-
yourselfer' to the professional mechanics, retail stores and Fire Departments,
the investment in Amsoil products is delivering them value everyday. Amsoil
products are recognized by countless motorists, power sports enthusiasts and
professionals for its quality and performance.

                Superior Performance....Superior Protection!

Amsoil was the first company to develop synthetic motor oils in 1972 and remains
the industry leader today. No other brand delivers in protection, power and
performance like Amsoil. Amsoil testing is done by independent labs against
other leading brands and the results are always the same,

Amsoil is the best!

Amsoil delivers maximum protection for all your motor oil needs; cars, trucks,
SUV's, motorcycles, boats, 2-cycle, equipment and machinery. Amsoil's superior
wear protection results in cost savings to you; less oil changes, less engine
wear, equipment lasts longer, improved fuel economy and additional
environmentally friendly benefits.

Is the Oil Change 'Merry-Go-Round' Draining Your Wallet?

Lubes-n-Greases Automotive Editor David McFall, once with the American
Petroleum Institute recently tackled the issue of extended drain intervals,
criticizing the standard 3,000-mile oil change and referring to the American motor
oil market as "shackled."
"Every year in the United States, this too-short drain
interval results in the unneeded production of 300 million to 400 million gallons of
engine oil;
excess consumer expenditures of around $1.5 billion; and tens of
millions of unnecessary oil changes."

The new Signature Series is the industry benchmark in automotive lubrication
technology. Designed for those who demand the absolute best in motor oil
performance. The exclusive “extended drain” formulation delivers superior
engine protection and maximum fuel economy  for
12 months or 25,000 miles
and exceeds the requirements of modern, high performance and older engines.

There are several benefits of Amsoil, but some of the most popular reasons for
switching are purely economical. People are keeping their cars longer and want
their engines to last longer. Amsoil provides that engine protection over a long
period of time. People are busy and don't have time to change their fluids.
Because Amsoil last longer and protects better you don't have to change it
as often.
Engineered to reduce friction and heat more effectively than petroleum and
leading synthetic motor oils do.
With Amsoil, engines run cooler, wear less and
get more horsepower and better mileage than they can with other leading oils.

Amsoil motor oils remain stable in extreme heat and flow freely in extreme cold.

Maximum performance and cost effectiveness are obtained when one looks
beyond the marketing and selects a product based on the data that supports it.
We have the data to prove that Amsoil is the leader in synthetic lubrication.

Longer drain intervals and better fuel economy add up to
savings you won't find
with any other motor oil. Convenience, protection, performance, less waste, more
miles per's all good.

                  Sign-Up to Buy Wholesale!

AMSOIL Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost,
without the responsibilities of owning a Dealership. Preferred Customer
Memberships are recommended for people who are not necessarily interested in
the business opportunity, but want the lowest possible prices on the best
lubrication and filtration products for their vehicles and equipment. Preferred
Customers pay the same low prices for AMSOIL products that AMSOIL Dealers
pay. Most Preferred Customers realize their savings on their first order. You are
not limited to the amount of products you can purchase. Anything on the Amsoil
website qualifies for the
Preferred Customer savings, which average around
25% off of retail pricing.
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  Free Shipping Now Available!

Amsoil now offers free shipping for online catalog orders of $100 or more to a
valid address in the continental U.S. While this is a good option, it does not save
you as much money as becoming a Preferred Customer.
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